Miranda Kerr ‘so happy’ Orlando Bloom found Katy Perry

Miranda Kerr ‘so happy’ Orlando Bloom found Katy Perry: ‘I’m just so grateful’
Miranda Kerr recently gushed over Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s relationship, lauding them for their “positive” approach to life.

Kerr gushed over Perry during her interview on The Drew Barrymore Show, and was even quoted saying, “[It’s] such an amazing example of how we all can create that narrative and behave that way and set a tone for everybody.”

“I adore Katy and I just feel so happy that Orlando has found someone that makes his heart so happy, because at the end of the day, for Flynn to have a happy father and a happy mother is just the most important thing.”

“I’m just so grateful that Orlando and Katy found each other and I’m so grateful that I found my incredible husband [Evan Spiegel] and just that we all really respect each other.”

“When it comes to special occasions, when we have to be together, we work it out so we have compromises [about] what is the best for our whole family. We really do always think of what is the best thing for Flynn, and I just think that’s the most important thing.”