Meghan Markle’s dad ‘frustrated’ after being ‘low balled’

Meghan Markle’s dad ‘frustrated’ after being ‘low balled’

Sources recently got candid about Thomas Markle’s frustrations after being completely “blackballed” by the Duchess of Susse**x all these years.

The claim has been brought forward by an insider close the Markle household and during their interview with Fox News, they were quoted saying, “He’s frustrated.”

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“He’s lived his life raising his kids. He moved to Mexico to live his life in peace and not to be completely blackballed and outcast. It doesn’t feel good [for him].”

The source concluded by saying, “He was an awesome dad to Meghan. For him to get heat and be portrayed as this money-grabbing bum is not fair. He’s not even like that. did pay for her college. That is 100% true.”

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