Meghan Markle’s author suffered prejudice from Royal aides

Meghan Markle recently addressed the prejudice he suffered at the hands of royal aides when visiting the palace.

He got candid during his interview with Metro UK and was quoted saying, “We knew they had contended with issues surrounding race within the institution.”

“I myself have experienced some prejudice from one or two royal aides in the past, so you can kind of know what Meghan was entering.”

“And so it didn’t surprise me, but I think for it to mention a family member, that was kind of the moment that even myself, my jaw was on the floor – just like Oprah, it was the same reaction.”

In regards to his struggles, he claimed, “I wouldn’t say racist, but I just experienced prejudice. I’m mixed race, there aren’t many mixed race royal correspondents out there.”

“I would not name that person. Someone very senior within the palace who found it really peculiar that I spoke as well as I do, and that was pretty much how they said it to me.”

“And I’m used to ‘where are you from, where are you really from’ and all that kind of stuff, but that was a very loaded comment – and I’m sure it came not from a nasty place, but it just shows perhaps a level of unawareness within certain quarters of the institution.”

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