Meghan Markle Pregnancy Cravings Revealed

Meghan Markle Pregnancy Cravings Revealed

Insiders also weighed in on Meghan Markle’s pregnancy cravings for her second child, a daughter.

The information was provided by a source close to Us Weekly. During their chat, the source revealed that Meghan Markle is “doing well” with her second child and works hard to control her appetite to eat copious quantities of pasta.

They were cited as saying,

“Meghan had been craving pasta but she’s been eating super clean (and trying her best to avoid gluten). She is a big fruit eater and eats all organic only.”

Her workout regimen, on the other hand, hasn’t changed much, as she still loves a healthy yoga session.

“It’s what keeps her healthy both physically and mentally during the pregnancy.”

“This pregnancy has been a little easier than the last in terms of less morning sickness. Meghan is feeling much better this time around.”

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