Meghan Markle final session with the Queen is quickly approaching.

Meghan Markle final session

Royal experts recently shared their candid perspectives on all of the “words that need to be told” to Meghan Markle.Finding Freedom co-author Omid Scobie made this point to Royally Obsessed podcast listeners, saying,

“We have heard from sources that William and Harry did continue their conversation that day, as did Prince Charles.”

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“While conversations did continue in some capacity, I haven’t heard anything about deep discussions about any of the issues.”

“There are so many gaps that will perhaps be filled over time. These are those steps forward that, at the very least, matter massively.”

He also added,

“But I would also think that there needs to be a conversation that involves the Susse**x family and individuals. This isn’t just about Harry and William, this is also about the journey that we heard from the Duchess of Susse**x.”

“And perhaps some of the things that haven’t been addressed in that. That are many things that Harry can talk about with people.”

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