Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s reaction to the Ofcom complaint

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry recently came under fire for being ‘completely thin-skinned’ when it came to the Offcom complaint.

This claim has been made by Kate Mansey, the assistant editor for the Mail on Sunday.

According to her claim, “I was just going to say, in amongst those tens of thousands of complaints, there was one notable complaint from the Duchess of Sussex herself.”

“I thought that was really, really interesting because she presented to the chief of ITV her displeasure at it, which frankly in my mind, showed how incredibly thin-skinned the Sussexes are.”

“It wasn’t libellous what he said, it was his point of view and the fact that they would complain over that, and that Meghan would reach out to the female CEO of ITV, woman to woman in that kind of way, showed a desire to control the media.”

In the end, “I just thought it was quite telling of the way the whole brand Sussex operates.”

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