Meghan and Prince Harry’s marriage

Meghan and Prince Harry’s marriage

Meghan Markle often faces criticism from royal experts and insiders for seemingly influencing Prince Harry’s decisions.

Royal expert Duncan Larcombe has now spoken up about how the Duchess of Sussex will also have to make some compromises in order to make her marriage with Harry last.

“Harry and Meghan seem to think they can co-exist in these two worlds – the world of British royals and American celebrity. Harry is loving the American life now – but he’s still in the honeymoon phase,” he said, according to Closer magazine.

“I think coming back and seeing his brother, especially against the very moving backdrop of a memorial for their mother, will maybe make him question what he’s given it all up for,” he continued.

“He’s totally sacrificed relations with his family for his new life with Meghan, and things seem to have been done her way and with her needs first. But, ultimately, Harry will want and need his family – they are his flesh and blood,” he went on to say.

“I think Harry and Meghan will have to make compromises to make things work with the royals, and even to save their marriage – because there will be a point when he’ll be torn between Meghan’s world and his own family. They need to plan what they say and do moving forward and communicate with the royals, if they want to have a relationship with Harry’s family,” he added.

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