Mardan: A man who cursed Imran Khan over a loudspeaker

According to Independent Urdu, in a local mosque in Hoti area of ​​Mardan district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a citizen was fed up with the price of loudspeaker and appealed to curse for Imran Khan’s government. Police arrested him and produced him before the court. The court released a citizen named Ghofran on bail.

According to the local police, the man had run a loudspeaker of a mosque in Chatto Chowk and appealed to the people that inflation was on the rise in the country. The citizen was arrested and challaned for this act but the court released him on bail.

There is also a regular video of this citizen appealing to the current government to curse like this, which is going viral on social media. Police have registered a case against the citizen, which includes provisions related to violation of the Loudspeaker Act.

Under the PPC (Pakistan Penal Code), any citizen can be sentenced to one month imprisonment for violating the Loudspeaker Act. A legal expert says that according to the Loudspeaker Act, the speaker of a mosque cannot be used for any purpose other than adhan.

It may be recalled that there is a storm of inflation in the country at present as the price of petrol is more than Rs 137 which has led to increase in fares and as a result all food items have become more expensive. It is said that next year inflation will be even higher, but the World Bank says that in 2023 the storm of inflation will subside to some extent.