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MARC DANIEL, Katkat Manimtim Viral Video on Twitter, Reddit & Youtube

    MARC DANIEL BERNARDO, Katkat Manimtim Viral Video on Twitter, Reddit

    Social media has become very popular due to an Indonesian TikTok star named Marc Daniel Bernardo. Beginning on June 28, 2022, the video gained attention. The most popular search on the internet right now is for the video of Marc Daniel Bernardo having se*x with his girlfriend. A few days ago, one of Marc Daniel Bernardo’s videos on social media went viral due to its off*ensive content, and as a result, he started receiving a lot of hateful videos.

    Who is Katkat Manimtim – Bio, Age, Boyfriend

    The dance and labial synchronisation content on Katkat Manimtim’s Tiktok account has made her one of the platform’s most popular users. More than 8 million people follow her, and her videos have received more than 135.2 million hearts on her Tiktok account. One of its most popular dance performances has amassed over 12 million views to date. Both Instagram and Facebook users increased to more than 144,000 and 397.34 million respectively.

    Date of Birth: January 23, 2003. Age: 19 years. Aquarius is the water bearer. Philippines is the country of birth. Her romantic partner is another TikTok video creator and TikTok Star Marc Daniel Bernardo.

    Who is MARC DANIEL BERNARDO – Bio, Age, Boyfriend

    Dancer and famous person from TikTok who frequently shares dance videos. His marcdanielbernardo Twitter account has more than 6 million followers. Both he and Kat Kat contribute to their shared YouTube channel, Katniel. He started using TikTok in December of last year. His TikTok videos feature Mak Sauce’s “Razor Blade Flow” and Cali Swag District’s “Teach Me How to Dougie.”

    MARC DANIEL BERNARDO, Katkat Manimtim Viral Video

    Marc Daniel Bernardo and his girlfriend were seen having se*x in a video that was posted to social media by one of the users. The couple voiced their concerns about the video as it became popular and went viral because it dealt with a private matter and shouldn’t have been posted on social media. Marc Daniel Bernardo is accused by some online users of being to blame for his own viral video.

    A Twitter user known for posting homose*xual videos on their account posted a se*xual video of Marc Daniel Bernardo and his girlfriend. Although the user of the Twitter account, who typically posts p*ornogra*phic videos, did not upload the entire video, the video still received a lot of attention from online users. While some internet users simply watched the video and moved on, others did not like it and started to criticise Marc Daniel Bernardo and his girlfriend Cat in their comments.


    Kat Kat, Marc Daniel Bernardo’s girlfriend, is frequently pictured with him in his videos. In collaboration with Teach Me How to Dougie in the Cali Swag District and Razor Blade Flow by Mak Sauce, Marc Daniel Bernardo has been active. He is only 19 years old, and he is an Indonesian Bhasa boy, according to the sources. Marc Daniel Bernardo was born on March 22nd of each year, and he is an Aries by astrological sign.

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