Lahore High Court Lawyer Behaving Like A “Ghunda”

Lahore High Court Lawyer Behaving

The lawyer named majid Jahangir shattered the window glasses of the office with bamboo as he was reportedly denied a verified copy of the case by the staff.

Seeing the lawyer getting out of control, the staff of the Copy Branch, informed the police, who tried to calm down the gutted lawyer.

Later, police managed to arrest the lawyer and shifted him to the police station for further action.

This is not the first time that violence has been reported from the people, who are said to be the custodian of the rule of the law in the country.

On February 08, after demolition of illegal chambers in district and sessions court Islamabad, furious lawyers stormed the high court building and manhandled police officials, staff and journalists.

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” Lahore High Court Lawyer Behaving Like A “Ghunda” “

پاکستان میں جنگل کا قانون نافذ ہو چکا ھے

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