Khuli Khidki Web Series On Voovi Apps Complete HD Episodes

Complete HD Episodes of the web series Khuli Khidki on Voovi Apps

The renowned website Ott Voovi has released a new trailer for the upcoming Hindi Web series “Khuli Khidki.” This trailer is accessible on the Voovi and YouTube apps. This web series will continue where the previous one did.

The Khuli Khidki web series is very audacious and seductive, and viewers enjoy themselves. The recently launched web series Khuli Khidki stands out from other web series thanks to its distinctive aesthetic. There is a lot of interest in watching this web series. If you share my enthusiasm, keep an eye out for the release of this web series on Voovi Apps.

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Online web series streaming for Khuli Khidki Voovi

As one might anticipate from an Indian-powered full-featured platform, the Khuli Khidki web series wowed viewers. Building upon their impressive performance in Vasu Web Series, Voovi Indian Power Full OTT Platform is back with Khuli Khidki Web Series.

After the success of “Jaan Bujh kar web series,” Voovi Apps announced Khuli Khidki. All of the “Khuli Khidki” web series’ episodes will be accessible for streaming on the Voovi app starting this week.

Khuli Khidki Web Series is a drama, romance, and erotica. If you’re looking for a new web series to watch, the Khuli Khidki series comes highly recommended. This web series undoubtedly has a lot of public interest. Watch the Khuli Khidki web series, which is only available through the Voovi app and website, as soon as possible.

The official Voovi app lets you watch the web series Khuli Khidki online. Fans and critics alike praised the web series for its presentation. The first two episodes of the comedy-drama series were released on October 14, 2022, and two more episodes have since been added. Fans previously praised the first two episodes of Khuli Khidki for their captivating performances and engaging storytelling.

Pooja Poddar was chosen for the lead roles in the Khuli Khidki web series. The four episodes of the Khuli Khidki web series last between 15 and 20 minutes each.

On the Voovi App, you can access all of the Khuli Khidki episodes online. Pooja Poddar most recently appeared with Leena Singh in the DreamFilms web series Dangerous Date. Everyone praised Pooja Poddar for her outstanding performance and her chemistry with Leena Singh.

Story of the web series Khuli Khidki

The third episode of the web series Khuli Khidki opens with a fight between Pooja Poddar and her husband Nitin Rao. The way Pooja Poddar’s husband behaved in bed infuriated her. We see two boys making fun of Pooja from the open window because the web series is set in rural India.

Pooja invited both boys for a session because she saw it as an opportunity to live out her fantasies. The cast has fantastic chemistry, and the series features captivating performances. The scene has been steadily built in the last two episodes of Khuli Khidki by the show’s creators.

The cast of Khuli Khidki’s web series

Pooja Poddar
Vivan Shrivastav
Sohail Shaikh
Nitin Rao

Screenshot of the web series Khuli Khidki

Khuli Khidki, a web series, as seen on a screenshot

Release date for Khuli Khidk

On Friday, October 14, 2022, Khuli Khidki, a brand-new Hindi web series, will debut only on Voovi’s website and mobile apps. This web series has 2 episodes with a total runtime of 15 to 30 minutes.

How to Access Khuli Khidki Voovi Online Series

On the Voovi mobile apps, click “Watch Khuli Khidki Voovi Web Series Online.” But for one reason, the Voovi app is not free. You need to buy a subscription. Watch all of the Voovi episodes by downloading the app from the Play Store and subscribing for $99 per month.

specifics about the online series Khidki Khuli Voovi

Web series title Khuli Khidki
Type OTT web series
Web series platforms Voovi app
Season 1
Part 1
Release date October 14, 2022 (Friday)
Web Series Genre Romance, Erotic
Episode Length 15-30 minutes
Web series language Hindi
The main cast Pooja Poddar
Vivan Shrivastav
Sohail Shaikh
Nitin Rao
Ranking web series 18+
Country India
Khuli Khidki Web Series Cast 4 stars

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