Kayne West Daughter North West Stole The Show At Dad Kanye’s Sunday Service

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s eldest daughter North West completely proved the fact that she’s the one you should be keeping up. That happened when she took a starring role in her dad’s popular Sunday Service.
As a gospel choir sang the amazing Stevie Wonder’s “As,” the 5-year-old got in front of them and started belting out the song on her own standing mic.

Kim Kardashian documented her little girl’s amazing star-power moment on social media and simply gave some hilarious mom commentary. The video definitely tells that she has got the talent of being a rapper, just like her father. The way she moves and sings shows that she has got all the swag one needs.

Last December, Kim even shared an Instagram photo of her firstborn bonding with Kanye in the studio. Check out what she shared on her Instagram with fans!They are such an adorable father daughter duo!

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