Katy Perry Hilarious Response to Orlando Bloom’s Mother day Wish

Katy Perry did not seem to be amused with her fiancée Orlando Bloom’s mother’s day greeting, as she responded with a funny retort.

The Carnival Raw star had posted a heartfelt message for the Fireworks artist, who was celebrating her first mother’s day after the couple welcomed their daughter Daisy Dove.

A homage to his ex-wife Miranda Kerr, with whom he has a 10-year-old son Flynn, was included as part of the tribute.

“Got myself a real catch [fish and heart emojis],” he wrote about the singer.

“Sending love and respect to all the amazing people who have shaped our lives, supported us and loved us unconditionally. Happy Mother’s Day.”

However, the Roar singer was unimpressed, stating that she expected her man to demonstrate his love in a more realistic manner.
She simply commented: “Baby pls can you bring me a bengal spice tea.”