Karachi Murder Case
Karachi Murder Case

Karachi Murder Case: Police ko maqtool ke 3 ani shahad baition ki talash

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The case of dismemberment of body after killing of husband by wife in Saddar area of ​​Karachi was heard in the court of Judicial Magistrate South.

Police presented the accused wife of the victim on completion of physical remand. The statement of the accused’s father and brother was also recorded during the hearing. During the hearing, the investigating officer also presented the marriage certificate of the accused and the victim in the court.

The court extended the physical remand of the accused for two days.

The public prosecutor told the court that there are 3 eyewitnesses in the case, all three eyewitnesses are the daughters of Sheikh Sohail who was killed by the accused.

The investigating officer said that the two daughters of the victim were present at the time of the incident.

It should be noted that after killing her husband yesterday, important revelations came to light in the case of dismembering her body.

According to the police investigation, a woman named Asma, who brutally killed her 70-year-old husband, is addicted to ice.

According to the police investigation, both Asma Rabab and her husband Sheikh Sohail had been using ice for the last seven years. The couple often fought with each other under the influence of drugs and were angry for two or three months.

According to the police investigation, the night of the murder. The two were drinking ice together that night. The woman was intoxicated too much. However, the victim was intoxicated and kept coming out, due to which a quarrel started between the two women. The woman slapped her first husband while intoxicated and both of them got hurt.

At the same time, the woman got an iron rod in her hand which hit her husband on the head causing blood to flow out of his head but the woman kept on torturing the injured husband on which he lost his life.

The woman then started cutting the corpse, first cutting her neck and later her hands and threw them out of the window.

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