JUI-F MNA Maulana Salahuddin Ayubi Marries 14-Year Old Girl

JUI-F MNA Maulana Salahuddin Ayubi Marries 14-Year Old Girl

The police stated that the 14-year-old girl from Chitral was married to the member of the National Assembly of Balochistan, Maulana Salahuddin Ayubi, and they launched an investigation.
Dawat-e-Hazimit (see the details below of the organization), an organization working for the well-being of women’s women, had filed a complaint with the police against minor marriage. The chick police confirmed receipt of the request.

Sho Rehmat Azeem Additional, the investigative agent in the case said: “The investigation started on this case. The girl’s family is from Darsh Town in Chitral, but they are currently out of the district. When they come in chitral, the case progress.

According to the school archives, the date of birth of the girl is September 2006, which is 14 years. In this regard, Anwar Ali Khan Advocate says that, according to the law of the country, the minimum age of the marriage of a girl is 16 years old, marrying a girl less from this age is a crime. If the marriage of a child under the age of 16 involves the consent of the parents or guardians, they will also be complicated in the crime and, in addition, the groom and the witness will be considered as accomplices in the crime.
“After the social media analysis, we have officially asked the Chonitral police to investigate,” said Javed Iqbal, President of Dawat-e-Hazimat.

The head of the organization said: “In this case, the local organization of the chick and the police have been bypassed.” The father of the girl had written to us that he would not arrive at his daughter’s marriage outside of Chitral. If this happened, he would take the police and the organization with confidence.

Pir Mukhtar Nabi, a human rights activist and President of the Chitrinal of Tehreek-e-Tahfiq-e-Haqooq, said that legal experts were being countered in the case and file a written petition against her for Prevent similar incidents in the future.

DPO Basse-Chitral Sonia Shamrooz Khan said: “The father of the girl had written us on stamp paper that he would not do such a thing and if his daughter’s wedding was released from chitral, the local police would be in trust.” Take according to our information, the girl married apart from chitral.

He added that the case was still under investigation.

He tried to take a position of Maulana Salahuddin Ayubi in this case, but in vain.

In this case, Hidayat-Ur-Rehman, a member of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly of JUI-F, published a video message because of self-criticism on social media. “I have nothing to do with Maulana Salahuddin Ayubi,” he said. Some diabolic elements try to tarnish my political image.

On the other hand, some images of Maulana Hidayat-Ur-Rehman became virals on social media, in which Maalana Hidayat-Ur-Rehman is located with Maulana Salahuddin.

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