Israeli Army Killed innocent Palestinian in West Bank

Israeli Army Killed innocent Palestinian in West Bank

RAMALLAH: A Palestinian was killed and another was injured by Israeli army gunfire in the north of the occupied West Bank on Tuesday, according to a Palestinian security source, bringing the death toll from recent unrest to 30.

According to the article, both were employees of Palestinian security services who were shot at an army checkpoint near Nablus.

The Israeli army earlier reported an “attempted drive-by shooting at Tapuah Junction” near Nablus.

“Two assailants were neutralised at the scene. No IDF injuries were reported,”

it said.

In response to volleys of missiles shot into Israel by Palestinian rebels, Israel launched a lethal campaign of air strikes on the Gaza Strip on Monday.

According to AFP, a 12-story building in Gaza housing several top Hamas commanders collapsed after being struck by an Israeli air attack.
According to AFP, the house near the seafront was totally demolished as a result of the attack.

On the Palestinian side, 10 children were among the 28 people killed in the blockaded Gaza Strip, and more than 150 people were confirmed injured, many of whom were rescued from the smouldering ruins of buildings struck in the crowded enclave.

On the Israeli side, rockets killed two women in Ashkelon, just north of Gaza, a coastal area that Hamas threatened to convert into a “hell,” claiming at one point that they had launched more than 100 rockets in less than five minutes to overpower air defences.

Netanyahu warned that Israel’s Defense Forces will now step up their strikes, which the army claims have attacked military targets and killed at least 17 Hamas and Islamist Jihad leaders.

“Since yesterday, the army has carried out hundreds of attacks against Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza … and we will further intensify the power of our attacks,”

Netanyahu said.

Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip,

“will be hit in ways that it does not expect,”

the prime minister warned.

“We have eliminated commanders, hit many important targets and we have decided to attack harder and increase the pace of attacks.”

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