Is the allegedly 35 years, PTI MNA Maleeka Bokhari viral video real or fake?

Maleeka Bokhari of PTI is deceived by a "deep fake video."

Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf Maleeka Bokhari, the leader of Insaf and a former lawmaker, is in the news after allegedly PML-N-affiliated social media accounts shared an offensi*ve video on Twitter and Reddit while claiming the woman in the video was a former MNA for the PTI.

Maleeka Bokhari promised to take legal action against those who promoted the “malicious filthy campaign” in response to the videos. She claimed to have passed laws to safeguard women, but her own safety is in jeopardy.

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Maleeka Bokhari, a former lawmaker, and PTI spokesperson on legal matters is credited with making an offensive video that has sparked outrage on social media.

Maleeka Bokhari recently fell victim to deceptive deep fake propaganda after online videos allegedly linked to her on Sunday showed a woman in a lewd pose.

Maleeka Bokhari promised to pursue legal action against those who supported the “malicious filthy campaign” in response to the videos. Although she claimed to have created laws to safeguard women, she is in danger.

The PML-N was accused of spreading false information and claiming ownership of a photo and video of an Indian model that was actually of Maleeka Bokhari, according to the official PTI account.

“Social media accounts connected to the PML-N are disseminating false information and claiming that a picture and a video of an Indian model belong to Ms. Bokhari. Actually, an Indian model is being shamelessly used as Maleeka Bokhari in a campaign by PDM and its Lifafas to assassinate her reputation, according to PTI.

PTI supporters, journalists, and activists took to Twitter to sympathize with the former Member of the National Assembly as the clips sparked fresh debate. Additionally, one of the most popular Twitter trends on Pakistani social media is #WeStandWithMaleekaBokhari.

Maleeka Bokhari of PTI is deceived by a “deep fake video.”

According to information, false information about the purported Bokhari video has been persistently circulated on shady websites and social media platforms. There have been numerous unconfirmed reports that Maleeka was in the video. Ms. Bokhari, however, vehemently refuted this and denounced the smear campaign she claimed the PML-N social media team had started against her.

Everyone spreading false rumors about Ms. Bokhari has also received a warning from her. “No one who shared and supported this nefarious, filthy campaign will escape punishment. I know how to defend myself as a lawyer, and I won’t stop until they’re all in jail. Ironically, despite passing laws to defend women’s rights, I am currently in danger. She said in a message on Twitter.

Maleeka Bokhari of PTI is duped by a "deepfake video."

Effects of Viral s3x Videos on Pakistani female politicians

It is pertinent to note that character assassination has reached new lows in Pakistani politics as a result of manipulated videos, images, and audio recordings of politicians appearing online.

The release of s3x videos, even fake ones, featuring female politicians could have serious repercussions for their persona*l and professional lives in conservative societies like Pakistan where gender roles and expectations are deeply ingrained.

Because of the prejudice and discrimination that exist in society towards women regarding matters of s3xuality and priva*cy, the effects could be especially severe for female politicians.

Additionally, the government and opposition continue to blame each other despite the fact that both sides were the victims of viral and other propaganda that damaged their reputations, rather than looking into the root of such frequent viral.

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