Is Meghan Markle’s conflict with Kate Middleton caused by insecurity?

Is Meghan Markle's conflict with Kate Middleton caused by insecurity?

The rumoured rivalry between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle is said to have started due to the Duchess of Cambridge’s concerns about the latter’s professional career.

According to royal analyst Daniela Elser, who spoke to, Meghan was welcomed to the royal family with a prosperous modelling career as well as charity work, while Kate had nothing big before marrying Prince William.

“If insecurity on Kate’s part did lie at the heart of the Great Duchess Debacle it would make sense.

“By the time Meghan moved into Kensington Palace in 2017 she was a successful actress with five seasons of a cable network dramedy under her belt, had launched a clothing line for a Canadian department store, and had set up a blog that was a fairly generic melange of Maya Angelou quotes and lipstick suggestions.

“More impressively, in my book anyway, was the fact she had also served as a globetrotting ambassador for World Vision, was a counsellor for One Young World, a UK-based charity, and had worked as a UN Women advocate including giving a speech at a UN world conference event in Beijing.

“And Kate? Well, before she married William she once organised a charity roller disco.

“The fact of the matter is, while Kate might now be hailed for her Early Years and mental health work, back when she was a single gal she was hardly blazing a shining professional path.”

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