Iqrar ul Hassan tweets in response to Imran Riaz’s criticism of Arshad Sharif and his wife.

Imran Riaz's tweet criticising Arshad Sharif and his wife is shared by Iqrar ul Hassan.

Iqrar ul Hassan shared an August 2021 tweet by Imran Riaz Khan targeting Arshad Sharif’s wife Jawaria Siddique, writing, “Meet this lady. The cloak of Islam and the support of drunken party liberals like Zahir Jafar.”
I had condemned the misbehavior of her husband. Not a word has been written on his mischief and perhaps today he is in revenge mode. Recognize”.

Sharing this tweet of Imran Riaz Khan, Iqarul Hasan wrote, “Those who hurt Arshad Sharif the most in his life and never apologized to him for their words in his life, today they are buried in his dead body. They are making more videos. My most sincere request to them is to stay away from Arshad Bhai, he will suffer from your presence.”

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The tweet by Imran Riaz criticising Arshad Sharif and his wife

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