Indian Woman Hilarious Rant about Going Back to Office

Indian Woman Hilarious Rant about Going Back to Office

A few days ago, Pakistan Daneereer Mobeen’s influencer video went viral in India and Pakistan, with many Bollywood celebrities creating their own version.

Fever “Pawri” barely ended when other videos have spread to thousands in this country. This time, this is an Indian Instantly recording funny harsh words to return to work from the office.

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The woman tells at the beginning of coming through the email sent to her from the HR department, asking how she feels about returning to work.

“Matlab ab razai se nikal kar, naha kar Taiyaar ho office jana padega aur logon ki shaklein dehhni akyi (does that mean that I now have to do my blanket, get ready and go to the office and see the faces of people?”
Abhi Abhi Toh Dark Circles Gaye Hain, Meri Zindagi Mein Raunak*ein Aayi Thi Aur AB Meri Tanning Gali Hai Tum Aisa Kar Rahe Ho (I just got rid of my life, and get rid of my tanning, and get rid of my tanning, and now you do this), “he added.

He dug hilarious to people who showed the enthusiasm to return to the office after working from home for several months. “Don’t fool us, we know you attend a zoom meeting while sitting in the toilet chair,” he said in the video.

One person really agrees with viral videos.

Another dedicated video to his IT friends.

Others agreed, said that the Kuncian had “created many lazy colleagues”.

One person takes the opportunity to demand online classes too.

According to various reports, the woman in the video is an Instagmer named Harjas Setyhi who was happy when the video grabbed thousands of eyeballs.

Speaking to Indian publications, Shihi said: “I made a video on Instagram just for fun, so no, even in my wildest dream, did I expect it to reach so many people.”

He further said that the work of the house was “win-win situation”.

“I think this is the situation of Win Win for everyone. Given a choice, I want to work from home for the rest of my life because it allows me to be efficient when you go home with my cat,” he said.

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