Indian Army: Suicide of a female lieutenant colonel

Indian Army: Suicide of a female lieutenant colonel

A female lieutenant colonel serving in the Indian Army has committed suicide.

According to a report published on the website of the news agency AIY News, a 43-year-old woman, Lt. Col. Poona, was training at a military intelligence training school in the Indian state of Maharashtra when one day her trapped body was found. Suicide has once again raised questions about the credibility of the Indian Army.

Police have registered a case of suicide of a female officer. According to preliminary information, on the day of the incident, an employee of the lieutenant colonel arrived at his official residence at the training school to offer morning tea as usual. I saw a trapped body.

A government official told police that the body of the female lieutenant colonel was hanging from his handkerchief.

Police have collected all the evidence from the spot and started investigation. Regarding the incident, DCP Nimrata Patil said that the female officer was facing problems in her private life and she had also filed a petition in the court for divorce from her husband. Was

Reports of Indian military personnel committing suicide are frequent.

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