India: Woman Beats up Cab Driver in Lucknow in front of Cop

India: Woman Beats up Cab Driver in Lucknow in front of Cop

Lucknow Police has filed an FIR against a woman who was seen thrashing a cab driver repeatedly at a traffic signal in city’s Krishna Nagar area. The video had gone viral, sparking outrage on social media, with users demanding her arrest.

FIR has been registered against a woman who was seen slapping a man repeatedly in full public glare at a traffic signal in Lucknow in a viral video that sparked outrage on social media, with Twitterati demanding the woman’s arrest.

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In the 2.15-minute long video that went viral on Twitter two days ago, the woman could be seen thrashing the man, a cab driver, throughout as a traffic police constable tried to intervene once and people recording the video said: “Arre badtameez aurat hai yeh [She is an ill-mannered woman].

The incident took place on July 30 at the Kesari Kheda traffic crossing in Lucknow’s Krishna Nagar area.
The woman could be heard saying in the video that the cab had hit her, however, CCTV footage from another angle of the traffic signal, does not show the woman, who was crossing the road in the middle of heavy traffic, being hit by the vehicle.

Here’s the second CCTV footage:

The woman, in a fit of rage, also broke the cab driver’s phone who asked for women police to be called as he was being assaulted.
The woman also alleged that the driver had misbehaved after the incident.
Towards the end of the video, the woman was also seen thrashing another man who tried to intervene, warning her to not hit the cab driver.
Twitter users, however, seem divided over the incident with many saying that the woman thrashed the cab driver for no reason, while some others saying that the driver and even others cars were jumping the traffic signal.

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A woman repeatedly slapped a man who reportedly works as a cab driver in Uttar Pradesh’s capital city Lucknow. The incident was caught on camera by onlookers. When they tried to intervene, the woman slapped and shouted at them too. Surprisingly, a traffic police personnel was present at the spot and didn’t do anything to stop the assault. Reports suggested that the woman’s car grazed the cab driver’s vehicle. Watch the full video for more.

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