Imran Khan is no longer the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

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Imran Khan is no longer the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Imran Khan has been de-notified as Prime Minister of Pakistan by the Cabinet Division.

“Mr. Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi ceased to hold the Office of Prime Minister of Pakistan, with immediate effect, as a result of the president of Pakistan dissolving the National Assembly in terms of Article 58(1) read with Article 48(1) of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, vide Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs’ SRO No. 487(1)/2022, dated 3rd April, 2022,” according to the notification.

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It’s worth noting that, under Article 224 of the Constitution, Imran Khan can stay in office for at least 15 days until a caretaker prime minister is appointed.

Because the National Assembly has been dissolved and the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader in the National Assembly are no longer in office, it is unclear how the interim set will be formed.

In a speech to the nation earlier today, Prime Minister Imran Khan said he had advised the president to “dissolve assemblies.” He also congratulated the country on the defeat of the no-trust motion, saying that the deputy speaker had “rejected the attempt to change the regime and the foreign conspiracy.”

The premier also stated that he had written to the president advising him to dissolve the legislatures, and that the democrats should go to the people and hold elections so that the people can choose who they want in power.

“Get ready for the elections. There will be no corrupt forces deciding the country’s future. The procedure for the next elections and the caretaker government will begin once the assemblies are dissolved,” he added.

Imran Khan denotified as Prime Minister

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