If you’re single, Watch five anti-Valentine Day’s films

3) How To Get Over A Breakup

Some lovers believe that every day is Valentine’s Day, while for others, the 14th of February is just another Monday.

From ‘Dear Zindagi’ to ‘How To Get Over A Breakup,’ here is a list of five top anti-love movies that remind you that there is a reason you are single, which is a good healthy option.

1) The Devil Wears Prada

If you're single, Watch five anti-Valentine Day's films

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In this film, the leading heroine does not end up with a male – instead, she learns about herself and accepts the change. It rejects the clichés that most films propagate.

2) Dear Zindagi

Dear Zindagi

The storey is around a young, self-sufficient girl who learns to enjoy her life. It ticks all the boxes for encouraging self-love. It is a must-see film.

3) How To Get Over A Breakup

3) How To Get Over A Breakup

This film taught us one of the finest sarcastic lines: ‘I don’t judge, but God does.’ It’s the storey of a copywriter who tries to get over a traumatic breakup by writing a blog about the ups and downs of life as a single woman.

4) How To Be Single

If you're single, Watch five anti-Valentine Day's films

The film, starring Rebel Wilson and Dakota Johnson, tells the tale of two women who decide to take a break from a long-term engagement and spend time with other people before settling down.

5) Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde

Old but Gold is a romantic comedy featuring Reese Witherspoon as the head of her sorority, a pageant runner-up, and a fashion merchandising major. With her outgoing attitude, she intends to attend Harvard Law School and pursue a career as a lawyer.

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