IB officers assaulted Iqrar ul Hassan for exposing corruption.

IB officers assaulted Iqrar ul Hassan for exposing corruption.

Iqrar ul Hassan is a brave and heroic Pakistani television host or journalist born in Lahore in 1984. He is now anchoring one of ARY’s remarkable shows, ‘Sar e Aam,’ which is centred on exposing wrongdoers in whatever capacity (commercially, locally, or in a home) or illegal persons. He started off on a quest to rid the land of wrongdoers. He has been with ARY for a long time, hosting a popular Ramadan show with Waseem Badami. He is married to two ladies from the same journalistic family, Farah Yousaf and Qurat-ul-ain Hassan. He is regarded as a credible journalist who exposes criminals while also working for the sake of the country.


Iqrar ul Hassan is a hardworking, dedicated journalist eager to expose criminals and serve the nation. He has a lengthy history of working with television stations; he began as a moderator for ARY News and then became a writer. Currently works as a journalist with his famous show Sar-e-Aam, which is regarded as the most popular show.

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Personal Life

Iqrar came from a non-media and television household, yet he chose to work as a journalist. He rose to prominence quickly and married another journalist, Qurat ul-ain; the pair had a son, Pehlaj, who rose to prominence at a young age due to his sharp sense of humour and confidence. Pehlaj made his debut as a child star in the well-known drama Alif as Qalb-e-Momin, which was well-received and praised, and his son also hosts a programme like his father.

Journalist Iqrar ul Hassan Controversies

The Sindh Assembly Controversy:

On April 29, 2016, Iqrar and his Sar-e-Aam team members were detained for conducting a sting operation to show the lack of protection in the Sindh Assembly. The arrests were ordered by Sindh’s Home Minister. Iqrar and his teammates, on the other hand, were freed on bond the next morning.

The Viral Video Controversy:

Iqrar made news in May 2017 after his open bathrobe video went viral on the internet. Iqrar was seen roaming about in a hotel room with an open bathrobe in the video, which was allegedly taken by his girlfriend in Dubai. He was chastised on social media for his actions. However, he then confessed that the video was made in jest by one of his pals. He even claimed that he had previously received threats to either quit Sar-e-Aam or have the video go viral.

The Second-Marriage Controversy:

Iqrar also sparked outrage in 2018 when he revealed the facts of his second marriage on social media. He revealed in a tweet that he married Farah Hassan in 2012, and everyone close to him was aware of it. He went on to say that the marriage took place in a difficult environment and with the approval of his first wife.

The Slap Controversy:

Iqrar assaulted a guy during an interview in May 2021. Following the event, he was heavily chastised on social media. However, he then explained that the man he smacked was the perpetrator of a se**xual assault case involving a minor girl (aged 12). He bound the girl, destroyed her clothes, and blackmailed her for several years. In a video posted to his Twitter account, he said,

“When we were able to locate this blackmailer. He accused her of stealing 1.5 lakh rupees from his automobile. I ended up smacking him as a person, not as an anchor. I did not accomplish this while in hiding or in a torture chamber. I knew there were cameras everywhere, and people were filming it on their phones, but I couldn’t stop myself.”

Criticism for Praise of India:

In January 2021, Iqrar tweeted that India was the world’s ‘vaccine centre,’ and he said,

“India vs Pakistan.” We’re not even sure if we ordered the vaccination or not, banana to door ki baat (creating it is an entirely different tale).”

Minar-e-Pakistan Incident:

On Pakistan’s Independence Day in 2021, Ayesha Akram, a Pakistani TikTok celebrity, said that she was harassed near the Minar-e-Pakistan in Lahore. Hassan had an interview with her a few days later. People in Pakistan, on the other hand, saw it as a publicity gimmick and chastised Iqrar for interviewing her.

IB officers assaulted Iqrar ul Hassan for exposing corruption.

KARACHI: Employees of a government agency assaulted well-known anchor Iqrar-ul-Hassan for exposing corruption.

According to sources, Iqrar-ul-Hassan reportedly uncovered the Director Intelligence Bureau (IBcorruption )’s video, on which Director IB Rizwan Shah and his staff attacked the anchor. Hassan, who was hurt in the assault, was taken to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital and had numerous stitches inserted on his head.

The Prime Minister’s Office has ordered the suspension of five IB personnel, including Director IB Rizwan Shah. The suspended authorities include stenographer Mehboob Ali, Inam Ali, sub-inspector Rajab Ali, and head constable Muhammad Khawar.

Senior journalist Hamid Mir stated in this respect that the Intelligence Bureau is reminiscent of the time when similar treatment was meted out to journalists and political activists in Lahore and Islamabad. Pakistan is still standing where it was 30 years ago. Violence towards Hassan is abhorrent. This period is worse and more humiliating than the preceding ones.

IB officers assaulted Iqrar ul Hassan for exposing corruption.

IB officers assaulted Iqrar ul Hassan for exposing corruption.

IB officers assaulted Iqrar ul Hassan for exposing corruption.

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