Harry Shuns Royal Family Plan to Use it as a PR Stunt

Harry Shuns Royal Family Plan to Use it as a PR Stunt

According to reports, Prince Harry has blocked all efforts by the palace to “use him” for public relations damage control.

This point was made by etiquette expert Elaine Swann, who said during an interview with Us Weekly,

“I really do appreciate the fact that Catherine moved and allowed the brothers to kind of walk between one another because they know the world is watching and if she were in between the two brothers that would have [been] what we would be talking about.”

“So it was nice for us to see them walking together but I believe it was a very natural moment. I don’t think that it was contrived, Harry would not allow himself to be part of that. His eyes are wide open and he talks about the firm and the machine of it all and so forth.”

“So I don’t believe he would allow himself to be used in that manner. I think genuinely these brothers want to reconcile they want to get past their differences. They’ve been through a lot together and of course, they’ll be seeing one another at the celebration of life for their mother in July.”

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