Harry knows his marriage is causing all the stress

Harry knows his marriage is causing all the stress

On Thursday, Prince Harry and Prince William looked to be friendly with each other as they gathered to unveil Princess Diana’s monument.

An analyst stated that after analyzing Harry’s body language during the occasion, the Duke wants to mend his relationship with William.

According to Patti Wood, body language expert and author of Snap: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma, things appeared pleasant at first sight based on videos and photographs of the brothers at the event.

“I have analyzed their behaviour at events for over 20 years, and even when they’re with their spouses or family they have often stayed very close to each other and took turns to greet other people,” Wood told Marie Claire.

“Harry is always last, but close to William by a few feet rather than this distancing [at the event], making it look like William just happened to come down the stairs with this man he doesn’t know and goes off to do his own thing.”

Describing a moment when Harry gestures for a family member to come to him and William, Wood said, “[Prince Harry] animatedly tried to get his brother’s full attention and engage him in conversation. Harry gives several reaching gestures. He includes the woman, but he steps out in front of her to show all of his body towards his brother.”

She explained, “This ‘bid for play’ shows Harry’s desire to connect with his brother, while we see Prince William with the full front of his body facing only toward the statue, his shoulders rounded and down firmly at his sides, and his head actually tilted down and away from his brother.”

Towards the end of the event Harry had his hands over his belly again while playing with his wedding ring. “That shows he knows it’s his marriage that’s causing them all stress,” said Wood.

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