Hareem Shah reaction to her unsuccessful lip surgery

Hareem Shah reaction to her unsuccessful lip surgery

LONDON: Hareem Shah, Pakistan’s most popular and controversial TikTok star, exposes her half-done lip filler procedure in the United Kingdom in her recent video.

In the video, Shah stated that she had to halt her lip filler procedure midway because the FIA had written to numerous banks requesting that her bank accounts be frozen.

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She stated that she had saved the remainder of the money she had set aside for her lip filler procedure so that she would not run out of money during her stay in the UK.

Shah said that she would now get her lip filler treatment done only after the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) contacts her and stops the ongoing investigation against her.

Hareem Shah left Pakistan for UK a couple of weeks ago and posted a video with stashes of British pounds in her hands. She said in the video she laundered this money from Pakistan to UK and there was no check on this. She was heard saying that nobody could ask her about it.

In consequence, the FIA issued her a notice, asking her to explain how and where she got this money and if she really laundered this money from Pakistan to UK.

The FIA took Shah’s video seriously and opened a money-laundering inquiry against her.

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