Free web series: The best shows to watch online without a subscription

The top free web series available for streaming online are listed below.

Free web series: OTT platforms are more popular than the box office these days. There are so many sexy series available on OTT that you can’t even imagine watching them in a movie theatre. But what if you could watch these series for free? It goes without saying that you would enjoy free web series. Therefore, we’ve got a few free web series for you to watch below that don’t require a subscription.

Hello Mini

Since its debut, Hello Mini has become popular. A romantic-thriller web series is called Hello Mini. This is a young girl named Mini’s tale. This web series, which is being directed by Farooq Kabir, is based on the Novonel Chakraborty and Croctales novel. When Rivana, a young girl, arrives in Mumbai from Kolkata, she discovers that someone is stalking her and extorting money from her. She must “know her worth” under his pressure.

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Tara Bhaiyya Zindabad

A 62-year-old man’s life in the web series Tara Bhaiyya Zindabad is turned upside down when the government proposes a new rule for the Pradhan election in Uttar Pradesh. In order to finish his “TARA BHAIYYA ZINDABAD” story, he must manage the situation so that the pradhani stays in his family. It’s accessible via the Watch App.


You shouldn’t watch the MX Player series Mastram with your family. This web series has gained a lot of popularity because of the bold scene. This web series is very popular with viewers. In the series, Rani Chatterjee and Kenisha Awasthi have gone beyond their comfort zones in terms of providing daring scenes.


As you are aware, every love story contains a certain amount of madness. The main character of the show is a chef who falls in love with a student and does everything in his power to win her heart. Episodes make up this series. You absolutely must watch this series. It’s accessible via the Watcho App.

Broken but Beautiful

A romantic drama web series called “Broken But Beautiful” debuted on November 27, 2018. There are three seasons and 31 episodes in the show. MX Player currently has Season One available. Veer and Sameera, two people, are the subject of the tale. You can enjoy watching the many daring and private scenes in this series. Even ALTBalaji has it available.

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