Former First Lady Bushra Bibi with Zulfi Bukhari full audio leak went viral

Audio Call Between Zulfi Bukhari and Bushra Bibi Leaked

On Thursday, an alleged audio recording of a conversation between Bushra Bibi and Zulfi Bukhari was posted online.

Social media is currently circulating an alleged audio clip of a phone call conversation.

Zulfi Bukhari and Bushra Bibi can be heard discussing the sale of watches in the allegedly recorded conversation. Bushra Bibi is the wife of PTI chairman Imran Khan.

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Imran Khan was given some Toshakhana watches, which Bushra Bibi instructs Zulfi Bukhari to sell because Imran Khan does not desire them.

Online leak of an alleged audio conversation between Bushra Bibi and Zulfi Bukhari

alleged audio leak’s transcript

The audio recording of Bushra Bibi, wife of PTI Chairman Imran Khan, and Zulfi Bukhari, a former special assistant to the prime minister, discussing the sale of watches given to the former prime minister Imran Khan, is allegedly leaked online.

Bushra Bibi: Hello

Zulfi Bukhari: Salam Alaikum, ji

Bushra Bibi: Ji, Walaikum Salam How are you?

Zulfi: I’m fine murshid, how are you?

Bushra: Thanks to Allah, Alhamdulillah. There are some watches of Khan sahib. He asked me to send these to you and you will sell them because they are of no use to him.

Zulfi: Yes

Bushra: So, he wants you to deal with it

Zulfi: Yes, murshid. I will do it

Bushra Bibi is heard being greeted by Zulfi Bukhari and being addressed as “Murshid.” She replies by enquiring as to how the first caller is doing. Additionally, she is heard requesting that Bukhari sell some watches she owns from the previous premier because they are no longer in use. They will be sold, claims Mr. Bukhari.

Imran Khan’s selling of his Toshakhana gifts has recently generated a lot of debate in Pakistani politics.

The most expensive of them all was a jewel-encrusted MasterGraff wristwatch that Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman gave to the PTI leader when he was the prime minister of Pakistan.

However, after falling into the hands of businessman Umar Farooq Zahoor from the UAE, it became the talk of the town.

The multimillionaire businessman from Dubai claims that he paid a hefty sum of $2 million to Farah Gogi, a dependable family friend of former prime minister Imran Khan, to purchase the priceless watch.

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