First time Rida Isfahani has spoken out about her leaked photo controversy

Rida Isfahani's Picture Leak Scandal

For the first time, Rida Isfahani spoke out about her viral photo controve*rsy. Actress Nida Isfahani from Shehryar Shehzadi has offered her perspective on the situation and talked about her viral video. Let’s investigate this further, then!

For her roles in soap opera drama serials, Rida Isfahani is more well-known. The Nadia Ali podcast featured her. She stated that she is speaking about this matter seven years after first becoming aware of it. A few years ago, Rida Isfahani’s scandalous video went viral, causing her to experience numerous difficulties in her life.

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She identified the person behind all of this while discussing the viral videos. She admits that her fiance was the one who betrayed her trust. He was both his fiancé and director of photography (DOP). “I was new to the industry at that time, and yes, he was my fiancé,” she continued. As you are aware, the actress doesn’t typically get married at such a young age, but I was able to persuade my parents to let him into the family.

She continued, “I only allow one man in my life; there will be no dating or romantic relationships.” My belief was that I would pick a partner and then marry him exclusively, without dating or other relationships. However, they stated that after my sister’s wedding, we would get married. He is a member of the media.

She continued, “We finished the project and were engaged for almost two years. When I traveled abroad, all of these events had already occurred. However, my family pays off other people because of my fault. But I frequently receive this criticism from others.

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