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Finally, Karan Johar is Leaving Bollywood

This video live streamed telecast today from ” Smoky Evening “ Pakistani live channel now you’ll be able to watch this video/clip from this website via online.

After seen this video/clip Please share your comment here about the latest fresh video/clip watching on YouTube daily motion video. Now what’s your comments/opinion about today’s Latest Topic/agenda of this program ” Finally, Karan Johar is Leaving Bollywood “.is Karan Johar is Preparing to leave bollywood ? One of the most celebrated filmmakers of Bollywood, Karan Johar’s life is going through a whole lot of changes currently. Looks like his life is getting destroyed with each passing day by all the Bollywood lovers who are currently very much angry on him. This whole controversy started with after the news of Sushant Singh Rajput’s sudden demise broke out. His fans left no stones unturned to dig up all the old videos where people from the industry mocked him, made fun of him. Karan Johar is the one who is getting mostly affected by it as he is losing followers drastically on social media. People has demanded a ban on the actor and are boycotting his films as he banned Sushant from his production house. His famous talk show, Koffee With Karan, already got bannedand Karan got kicked out from his own show. Karan was also asked to resign from his prestigious position from the board of MAMI Film Festival as they don’t want controversy. This filmmaker is currently very much disheartened as none of his friends inside the industry has talked in support of him. Karan never thought that his friends, whom he loved so much, and did so much for them, would not support him, in time of crisis. This made Karan so dejected that he unfollowed most of the Bollywood stars from his Instagram account, as he felt betrayed by his friends. And, now Karan has taken a drastic step. This filmmaker has changed his phone number recently. Karan and his gang of celebrities from the industry, mostly star kids, spared no one when they started bitching about others. And, now, in this present scenario, Karan has no one who would take a stand for him against all the Bollywood lovers. This is why Karan has decided to cut most of his relationships in the Bollywood industry. Also, Karan was getting crank calls, threatening calls, taunts, death threats on his phone. Which is why he has decided to change his number. Karan Johar’s movies have already got banned in Bihar and a case has been filed against him also. Looks like Karan Johar life has turned into a nightmare right now and soon his career as a filmmaker is going to be destroyed. Because, nobody wants to work with him as they might face huge loss at the box office.
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