Expert Criticises Harry and Meghan for Violating the Royal Family Privacy

Harry and Meghan

Top royals have been cautioned not to engage in any sort of conversation with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for fear of leaking the information to the media.

According to royal analyst Angela Levin, Harry and Meghan are desperate for worldwide attention, and “privacy is the last thing” on their minds.

Levin, who dismissed the talks as futile, said that the Sussexes should now
“just continue their lives” quietly, after stepping down as working royals.

“I think the Royal Family would be crazy to talk to Meghan and Harry.

“Whenever anything happens to them, big or small, they have to tell the world,”

the commentator told The Sun.

She added,

“They are desperate that everybody knows what they are doing every minute of the day.”

Meanwhile, after Harry’s return to California after Philip’s funeral, Mirror royal editor Russell Myers said, “The storey isn’t over yet. It would be fascinating to see how the rifts on either side are restored.”

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