Exclusive debate of Arshad Sharif’s post-mortem report by his wife Javeria Siddique

According to Arshad Sharif's autopsy, he was tortured prior to being shot in the head and lunge.

According to Arshad Sharif’s post-mortem reports, his death was not caused by a case of “mistaken identity,” but rather by being tortured for almost three hours before being shot in the head and right lung at point-blank range.

Senior anchorperson Arshad Sharif was not shot at while the car was moving, according to a Dunya TV report citing the autopsy reports; rather, he was forced off the car and tortured for almost three hours. His two fingers were also broken during the torture, according to the report, and his three fingernails were also removed. It claimed that Arshad Sharif’s writings bore obvious signs of torture as well.

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According to the TV report, the autopsy showed that Arshad Sharif was forced to be on his knees before being shot point-blank in the head from behind and in the right lunge from the front.

According to the report, the forensic analysis and shooting angle clearly showed that the car had stopped when the shots were fired.

According to the TV channel, he was later returned to the car seat to portray that the shooting had occurred there.

According to the report, all but one of the post-mortem reports on Arshad Sharif have arrived. The post-mortem of Arshad Sharif was also performed in Kenya, according to a report from the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS). The body of Arshad Sharif bore the post-mortem mark used in Kenya. The last report might not arrive for another week.

The reports also stated that forensic testing had been done on samples taken from Arshad Sharif’s body.

Javeria Siddique’s exclusive talk about Arshad’s post-mortem report


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