Esra Bilgic Under Fire For Posting A Bold Picture

Esra Bilgic Under Fire For Posting A Bold Picture

Since Turkish artists and actresses rose to prominence in Pakistan, the local fan base has been closely following the superstars’ every move. Pakistanis want to know everything about their favourite Turkish celebrities, from their current entertainment endeavours to their personal life.

However, this curiosity often tends to also attract major criticism for Turkish celebrities, especially when it comes to big names like Esra Bilgic.

Esra Bilgic is best known for her role as Halime Hatun in the Turkish historical adventure television series Diriliş: Erturul, which ran on Turkish television from 2014 to 2018. The actress rose to prominence and acclaim for her starring part in the criminal drama series Ramo.

Esra Bilgic, the stunning actress, likes to keep her fans and following up to speed on her newest industry pursuits, personal adventures, successes, and more. The actress frequently uses her Facebook and Instagram accounts to share bits of her life in the shape of photos and videos.

Here is Esra Bilgic’s latest Facebook upload:

Pakistanis were outraged by the outfit she was wearing in the photo, which drew the attention of numerous commentators. Many Pakistanis rushed to social media to morally police the Turkish actress.

Here’s what people are saying about Esra Bilgic’s newest Facebook post:

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