DJ levels in trouble following release of s3x tape with daughter of former minister

sex tape with daughter of former minister was released is DJ Levels

After his se*x tape with singer Shashl (Ashleigh Moyo) viral over the weekend, music producer Tafadzwa Kadzimwe, also known as Levels, may find himself in serious trouble. The daughter of former health minister Obadiah Moyo is now claiming that “he is violent, he forced me into se*x, it was actually more like rap*e.”

Over the weekend, reports that Levels himself had vanished or was in hiding after initially issuing an apology and attributing the viral to his phone being stolen and hacked caused Zimbabwean social media to go into meltdown in response to the se*x tape and a string of indecent images.

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However, Shashl has given her side of the story to the State-owned tabloid newspaper H Metro, saying that Levels was someone who “would force me to sleep with him when I didn’t want to.”

The claim that Levels’ phone was stolen and that the music producer from Mbare’s Chillspot Records purposefully viral the video and images is untrue, according to Shashl.

“He pushed me into the circumstance. Even though I didn’t want to, he would insist that I sleep with him.

People started claiming Levels and Shashl were dating on social media, even though we weren’t.

Actually, he was the one who published that story. Later, he began to corner me and demand that I sleep with him.

She claimed that after she repeatedly declined, he threatened to stop recording my music.

“Then the levels went up, and he forced me to actualize the relationship even though I didn’t want to.

“I resisted making the relationship official. I was trapped, stuck in an impossible situation.

He repeatedly threatened me after I released some nud*e photos. When he later shared a photo of us kissing, he warned me that he was demonstrating that he was capable of more than that.

“How could I steal his phone? It was a lie,” you say. Why was he calling if I had stolen it?

Shashl continued, “He released his nud*es to act as if someone was dropping them, and he later released a se*x tape.

The singer asserts that she reported cybercrime to the Borrowdale Police Station since then.

“I’m accusing him of something. Nothing can be done to him, he boasts. I had no idea how to tell him that I was in trouble because he was extorting money from me.

“He boasts about being untouchable. He is violent; he coerced me into having se*x, which was more akin to rap*e.

H Metro quotes Shashl as saying, “I was left with no choice but to report the matter to the police so that the truth would be known.”

The weekend before last, DJ Fantan made the claim that Levels, his business partner at Chillspot Records, had vanished.

“Levels, all attempts to contact you have been unsuccessful. But keep in mind your progress and all the times you persisted despite feeling like you couldn’t.

Life will inevitably knock you down, but there are many people who need you and are eager to hear your side of the story. I know you are strong and have a clean criminal record like Jesus, Maziviro andokuita hangu ini,” Fantan wrote.

Levels apologised to his followers on his Instagram page before going missing, saying that his phone had been stolen from the Harare nightclub Pablos.

I want to express my regrets to my supporters, family, and my employers, nemi mese vanyarikani. Forgive me, please. “Maoneswa zvinhu zvakadai” I’m very sorry, but I’m only going to hold myself accountable.

God is to be praised; zvabva zvatopera hachisisina chimwe chakapfuura zvavaita. I’m sorry; I’ll make sure you never see such again. These were in my Samsung s21 when Pabloz nezuro stole it from me after a brief argument, but I’m confident they are no longer there. I apologize,” he said.

daughter of a former minister, DJ Levels is in trouble.

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