Disha Patani Reveals The Real Reason For Addressing Jackie Shroff

Disha Patani Reveals The Real Reason For Addressing Jackie Shroff

For the unversed, Jackie Shroff yesterday opened up how Disha addresses him on sets.

Disha Patani, a Bollywood bombshell, has recently made a lot of noise. The actress is preparing for the release of Radhe, which stars Salman Khan. The film also stars Jackie Shroff, who caused quite a stir when he said that being addressed as “uncle” by Disha would be uncomfortable. The leading lady is now responding in kind.

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For the uninitiated, Jackie Shroff revealed yesterday how Disha addresses him on set.

“Well, most often, nobody addresses by name. Like when two people are together, they don’t keep saying each other’s name. There’s nothing to be said. But as far as I remember, I think she called me ‘sir’ on the few occasions that she addressed me. Uncle bahut alag sa lagta hai. Main aapke baap ka bhai kaise ho sakta? (Uncle sounds weird. It means I am that person’s father’s brother, how is that possible?) Dono ke parivaar alag hain (Both come from different families),”

he told TOI about Disha Patani.

Disha Patani for a one-on-one interview. When asked whether it was a deliberate decision to discuss Jackie Shroff as’sir,’ the actress replied,

“No no, I call everyone sir or ma’am. Even in my background, my father is a cop and my sister is in army. So, we always address people as ‘sir’ and ‘mam’. He is my sir, he’s my senior, you know. So, it wasn’t really difficult thinking about that (laughing).”

The news has caused such a stir because Disha Patani is close friends with Jackie Shroff’s son, Tiger Shroff. But we’re sure the two would have met before, so it’s not a big deal.

Earlier today, Koimoi told you of Disha’s revelation regarding Radhe’s release during the pandemic.

Disha Patani Reveals The Real Reason For Addressing Jackie Shroff

“I am very very grateful that at a time like this, we have a release. It has been stuck for one year now. So, I feel very grateful that it is coming out finally. I hope it reaches people and entertains them, especially at a time like this,” Disha Patani told us.

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