Discover All About Kanwal Aftab’s In-Laws

Discover All About Kanwal Aftab's In-Laws

Pictures of Kanwal Aftab’s in-laws and Zulqarnain Sikandar’s relatives are circulating on social media.

Kanwal Aftab and Zulqarnain Chaudhry, two of Pakistan’s biggest and most famous TikTok actors, recently tied the knot, which boosted both TikTok stars’ fan bases in no time.

Kanwal Aftab, the well-known TikTok couple, recently gave an interview in which he discusses their first Ramadan after marriage.

“Ramadan is always amazing because you have time to do everything, including jobs, family meetings, and prayers,” Kanwal said.

The newlywed couple can be seen praying with their family before breaking the fast in one of the pictures.
Kanwal can also be seen in another photo with her brothers-in-law and mother-in-law.

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Kanwal Aftab's In-Laws

Kanwal Aftab's In-Laws

Zulqarnain Sikandar and Kanwal Aftab, two famous TikTok actors, married on April 4.

Zulqarnain took to Instagram to post his Nikkah invitation card with Kanwal. “Kisi nay pocha barkat kis main ha,” he says. ALLAH ke Nabi nay farmaya Nikkah main,” he wrote in the caption.

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