DG khan: Tuition Academy scandal full video lea**ked Viral

dgk academy scandal viral video leaked

This latest video / vlog was live streamed / telecast today in ARY News Full HD. The video clips / vlog Today’s theme: ” DG khan: Tuition Academy scandal full video Viral

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Dgk academy scandal viral video lea**ked

Dgk academy scandal viral video lea**ked

Dgk academy scandal viral video lea**ked

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Multan: Police have recovered 20 more videos in a se**x scandal case of a private academy (coaching center) in Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab, while the named accused has been granted bail to avoid arrest and another accused has fled abroad.

According to ARY News, Mujahid Hussain, a nominee in a private academy se**x scandal case, obtained pre-arrest bail from the Multan High Court till October 8.

According to police officials, the second accused in the case, Habib, was arrested when he reached home and found out that he had fled the country.

Police have expressed hope that the third accused named in the case, Osama, will be arrested soon. The investigating officer revealed that there had been several incidents of abuse at the academy, of which 20 videos had been obtained.

It may be recalled that a day ago, a case of alleged abuse of female students was revealed in a private educational academy in Dera Ghazi Khan, after which the police arrested a man named Mujahid Hussain.

When police launched an investigation into the incident, videos of abuse of female students and teachers in addition to female students also surfaced.

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