Dananeer Mobeen Talks about her Marriage

Dananeer Mobeen, the girl who became a star of social networks at night after publishing a second video, says she will marry the consent of her parents.

Dananeer recently arrived at Karachi to attend a morning show, she said in a message on social networks.

She came to Karachi almost 10 years later and the city of Quaid received him with love and fame.

Dananeer spoke about her personal life and the short video she did with a particular tone. The recent sensation of social networks said she has approved the level exam and will soon be admitted to a university.

Responding to a question about marriage, the Star of Social Networks said: “I will marry the consent of my parents.”

Lately, a few seconds, the video became viral on social networks in which a girl holding a camera in her hand imitates and goes to a certain crowd that belongs to the city. First shows a car parked behind her, then turn the camera to some of her friends who are behind her. “Yeh Humari Car Hai, Yeh Hum Hain, Aur Yeh Humari Party (Pawri) Ho Rahi Hai,” she says in a false English accent.

The short video of the young woman was viral on social networks and became a hype at night. Internet users were quick to react to the video and began to make memes of the video that they like in Pakistan and across the border.