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As a result of a previous scand*al where viewers were off*ended when a woman used a toy to distract the other players, the current poker show on YouTube has undoubtedly failed to raise any eyebrows. In another case, it was discovered that the player was attempting to cheat, though this was initially just conjecture. Since the Poker show is still airing, there is a new controve*rsy involving one of the players who experienced a wardrobe mal*function while she was being filmed. The cameraman clearly captured this. Too many people found the scene off*ensive, and many assumed it was just a staged stunt for the show. Keep reading as we go into great detail about this incident.

Sashimi Poker: Who Is She?

The viewers of the poker show were offended by an earlier scand*al that involved the program. We previously saw a player named Ronny Lade accused of cheating her male opponent Garrett and using a vibrating device to annoy other players. A bold hero call by Robbi during the game allowed her to win 269,000 dollars, which was revealed during this accusation.

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However, it turned out that this was not the case and that the woman was not cheating at all. Instead, the money that went missing was not given to Sashimi; instead, the production team discovered that a staff member had stolen $15,000 from the sets as the cause of their disappearance.

Viral Sashimi Poker Videos & Images

When the show was broadcast on Monday, December 5, 2022, the cameraman zoomed in on the chest of a player and Sashimi.

It was noticed that the sashimi’s dress was sli*pping while she was playing her game, and this does happen frequently on the show. Even though the woman was attempting to conceal her chest and adjusting her dress as well, at one point it slid way too far, allowing the audience to see the player’s n*p sl*ip. Her dress was sli*pping, but the sashimi was unaware of this. She was playing poker while showing off her bare chest.

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Many people later pointed out the issue to the production team and asked them why they had missed it before the show debuted. The owners of the show, Ryan Feldman and Nick Vertucci, were informed by the footage that Sashimi had her dress lipped and it was a wardrobe mal*function, but they did not appear to be alarmed by it. Feldman claimed in a tweet that he was unaware that Sashimi had done anything on the show until he was informed that it had happened and that Sashimi may have done that. It is obvious that this may have been done to attract viewers.

Therefore, when this video appeared online, it caused chaos and was widely ridiculed.

On the other hand, a lot of people watched the show while it was available to watch online, and internet users were split into two groups: those who were offended and asked why such a thing was uploaded, and those who were making fun of it and speculating that the scene had been staged.

It’s possible that Sashimi was wearing a body suit with fake N*ps and an exposed N*p sl*ip. Despite being speculative, this can be accepted as true because the team Ash has not yet responded. Perhaps this was a publicity gimmick.

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