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On ULLU, Charmsukh Mom and Daughter: The demand for OTT platforms has grown as the digital era has flourished. Covid raised the table to a new position. Instead of going to the movies, people now prefer to watch movies online. This boosted interest in daring and popular web series. Such series are very popular with viewers, especially on ULLU. We have therefore made the hottest series, Charmsukh Mom and Daughter, available on ULLU today.

चार्मसुख मॉम एंड डॉटर वेब सीरीज की कहानी

Ananya is the subject of this television series. The girl is in love with Karthik, a boy. One day in a later episode, Ananya’s mother left for a party. Ananya then requests that she call Karthik’s house. Following that, Ananya’s mother grants consent. However, you must first watch these series in order to find out what happens next.

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Ruby Bharaj and Rajsi Verma push the envelope in terms of bravado.

Rajsi Verma, Ruby Bharaj, and Nikhil Arora made up the majority of the cast for this web series. They have improved upon the series’ intim*ate scenes. The actresses have gone above and beyond the call of bravery. Avoid watching this web series with your family; instead, watch it by yourself and savour the experience.

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