CCTV footage of the Zahir Jaffer case is now complete.

CCTV footage of the Zahir Jaffer case is now complete.

ISLAMABAD: Under the supervision of Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad Mohammad Ahsan Younus, a meeting regarding Noor Mukadam’s murder case was conducted, which verified that solid and substantial evidence has been gathered against the main accused Zahir Jaffer, Geo News reported Tuesday.

According to an Islamabad police statement, the evidence was carefully gathered from the murder scene and forwarded to the Punjab Forensic Science Agency (PFSA).

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According to the article, the IG stated that the media’s concerns and misunderstandings about the case must be eliminated.

Concerns regarding the case

When questioned if there was any blood detected on the suspect’s pants at the time of the murder, the IO said, “There were no traces of blood found on his pants.”

However, according to reports reporting the contents of the forensic report, the suspect’s clothing had bloodstains from the murder that matched the victim’s DNA.

When questioned if the accused’s fingerprints were found on the knife used as a murder weapon, the IO said, “According to the forensic report, there were no evidence of any fingerprints of the accused on the murder weapon; nonetheless, the victim’s DNA was detected on the knife.”

When asked if Noor Mukadam had undergone a photogrammetric test, the IO said “no.”

According to the IO, the photogrammetric test was performed to confirm the accused’s identify.

“Zahir Jaffer conducted a photogrammetric test, which resulted in a favourable result.” “He then attempted to destroy the evidence,” he added.

The proof

The forensic investigation confirmed that Noor was raped before to her death. It went on to say that Zahir’s flesh was discovered beneath the victim’s nails as she sought to rescue herself.

According to the report, a Swiss Army knife and a knuckle punch were also retrieved at the scene of the crime, which was covered in the victim’s blood.

“These are really solid pieces of forensic evidence,” stated the IG Islamabad, “and the investigating team is determined to obtaining justice for Noor Mukadam.”

Sufficient evidence to support a conviction
The IO went on to say that the PFSA’s thorough report “has yet to be reviewed on the next hearing, which contains extensive forensic evidence, adequate for the accused’s conviction.”

“The crime scene was examined by senior-most police at the time of occurrence, and the scene was completely conserved by PFSA forensic experts to avoid any contamination,” the statement continued.

The IG asked the investigating team to pursue Noor’s case as thoroughly as possible.

DIG Operations, Chief Prosecutor, SSP Investigation, SP Investigation, DSP Legal, and the case’s IO all attended the meeting.

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