CCTV Footage of Noor Muqaddam case

CCTV footage of Noor Muqaddam case

This latest video / vlog was live streamed / telecast today in Saqib Bashir Full HD. The video clips / vlog Today’s theme: ” Police apprehension about CCTV footage of Noor Muqaddam case | Details of three pages court order “

Police apprehension about CCTV footage of Noor Muqaddam case | Complete details of three page court order from Additional Sessions Judge Ata Rabbani

سی سی ٹی وی ویڈیو وائرل ہونے کا خطرہ.
نور مقدم کیس پولیس کی نشاندہی عدالتی ایکشن.
ملزم کے وکیل کی غلطی عدالت نے پکڑ لی.
ملزموں کی پانچ درخواستوں پر تین صفحات کے ایڈیشنل سیشن جج عطا ربانی کے تفصیلی فیصلے کا مکمل متن سنیں.
کورٹ رپورٹر ثاقب بشیر کی زبانی.

Risk of CCTV video going viral.
Noor Muqaddam case police identified judicial action.
The fault of the accused’s lawyer was caught by the court.
Listen to the full text of the three-page Additional Sessions Judge Ata Rabbani’s detailed judgment on the five petitions of the accused.
Court Reporter Saqib Bashir’s oral.

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