CCTV footage of Girl robbing people in Lahore saloon

CCTV footage of Girl robbing people in Lahore saloon

Video of the incident along with the accomplice of the female robber went viral

LAHORE: Express News has obtained a video of the incident of a female dacoit with her fellow dacoit in Islampura.

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According to Express News, in Lahore, boys and girls have also started committing robberies. A similar incident took place in Islampura where a female robber along with her accomplice committed the incident and the video of the incident went viral. ۔

The video clearly shows a woman entering a hairdresser’s shop and her partner standing at the gate of the shop, while the burqa-clad woman fled from the 8 persons in the shop with 7 mobile phones and cash. ۔
Police officials said that CCTV footage of the incident of the female dacoit and her accomplice has come to light. Am I a man or is it really a woman? The case of the incident has been registered.

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