Brie Larson teases new clip of Captain Marvel battling it out with a Skrull

The excitement for Marvel’s first female superhero solo flick is all over and Brie Larson knows it.

A month before the release of the movie, the actor playing Captain Marvel decided to post a snippet from the film where Carol Denvers isn’t holding back against a Skrull.Remember when we figured out the old lady in the train was a Skrull? Well, that wasn’t the only enemy in the train as Captain Marvel has to fight quite a few of them.

The clip shows another person, this time a young man, who is a Skrull in disguise, have it out with Captain Marvel and she makes sure to out him in his place.

A two-eyed Nick Fury follows the battle. We’ve already seen young Nick Fury in the trailers and are still wondering if the upcoming film will solve the mystery of his injury.

The clip sets the tone for the film and assures the audience that Carol Denvers is certainly the centre of the film, as previously we were concerned about Captain Marvel being an accessory in her own film. The first trailer was heavily focused on Nick Fury with barely 20% of the dialogues belonging to Marvel.

Captain Marvel hits screens on March 8.

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