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Brad Pitt’s ‘sweetheart’ helps him recover after split with Jolie

LOS ANGELES: Brad Pitt, who received the award for best supporting actor at the National Board of Review Annual Awards gala, Wednesday revealed that his fellow actor (and fellow Brad) Bradley Cooper encouraged him to become sober.

The ‘Once Upon A Time in Hollywood’ star kicked off his best supporting actor acceptance by warmly embracing presenter Bradley Cooper before admitting that the fellow actor and friend had played a significant role in his journey to sobriety.

The actor spoke about a particularly cathartic experience that contributed to his health and success this year. He credited Cooper for a positive change in his life.

He said :”Thank you, Bradley. Bradley just put his daughter to bed and then rushed over to do this,” Pitt said upon taking the stage after Cooper’s introduction. “I got sober because of this guy and every day has been happier since.”

The 56-year-old superstar, in an interview last year, referred to his struggles with alcoholism, calling his reliance on drinking a “disservice” and a method of “escape.” Pitt spent a year and a half in Alcoholics Anonymous after his 2016 split from Angelina Jolie and has remained sober ever since.

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