Bollywood Stars Mothers And Their Secret Professions

Bollywood Stars Mothers And Their Secret Professions

Madhu Chopra

Priyanka Chopra’s life revolves on her mother. Dr. Madhu Chopra is a doctor in the Indian army. Furthermore, whenever Priyanka travels overseas for work, she is usually accompanied by her mother.

Karuna Dhawan

Varun Dhawan attributes his success in Bollywood to his housewife mother Karuna Dhawan. He feels he is an actor now as a result of her desire to see him on-screen. Karuna Dhawan is still concerned about her kid and dislikes seeing him without his shirt.

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Anju Bhavnani

Anju, Ranveer Singh’s lively mother, is a stay-at-home mother. Ranveer Singh’s mother, who is seldom seen at public events, is very supportive of his goal and line of work, and the actor, in turn, is quite protective of his parents! Aww.

Ujjala Padukone

Deepika Padukone, one of today’s most gorgeous actors, attributes her beauty and elegance to her mother, Ujjala Padukone. Her career is that of a travel consultant. While Deepika is a devoted daughter, her mother, Ujjala, is concerned about her daughter’s safety when she goes alone. So sweet!

Sushila Charak

Sushila Khan, often known as Salma Khan, is Salman Khan’s mother. Salman Khan is very close to his parents, and his mother is always at his side, in good times and bad.

Sunita Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor, the rising fashion queen, draws her dazzling style from her mother. Sunita Kapoor, a former model as well as a jewellery and interior designer, not only helped her daughter get in shape and look fantastic, but she also lavishes her with attention, reportedly redecorating her chalet during a shoot to resemble Sonam’s own room at home.

Soni Razdan

Alia Bhatt’s Bollywood genes are inherited from her mother Soni Razdan, who is also an actor who has worked in theatre, television series, and a lot of films. Soni Razdan is Alia’s biggest supporter and a total mummy’s girl!

Poonam Sinha

Poonam Sinha, a former Miss India, appeared in several films as Komal. Though she appears on television less infrequently these days, most recently in Jodhaa Akbar as Akbar’s mother, she is constantly at Sonakshi’s side, and the mother-daughter pair is inseparable.

Vrinda Rai

Vrinda, Aishwarya’s mother, is a housewife who has always played a vital part in her life. From her Miss India days, when she assisted her daughter in winning the coveted title, to most public occasions today, Brindya Rai has been at her daughter’s side every step of the way.

Suzanne Turquotte

Katrina Kaif’s English connection stems from her mother, Suzanne, a Harvard graduate and lawyer who who works as a social worker. And Katrina derives her feeling of altruism from her mother, whom she assists with charitable activities as frequently as she can.

Hiroo Johar’s

Hiroo and Karan Johar have a very tight relationship, and she is nearly constantly at his side at various events and award shows. Furthermore, Hiroo Johar has not only been an associate producer on several films under her husband Yash Johar’s Dharma Productions brand, but she now co-produces films with her son, Karan. Cool!

Pamela Chopra

Pamela Chopra, one of Bollywood’s most beloved moms, has always been linked with the cinema – whether as a playback singer in films like Kabhi Kabhie and Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge, or even as a screenwriter for Dil To Pagal Hai – which clearly runs in the family. While Aditya Chopra is a successful filmmaker and producer, his brother Uday is an actor who is also dabbling in producing.

Poonam Khurrana’s

Ayushmann Khurrana, a Chandigarh native, attributes his mother, Poonam Khurrana, his simplicity and fluency in Hindi. Poonam Khurrana, a housewife with an MA in Hindi, is rarely seen at public events, but the singer and actor feels that he inherited most of his characteristics from his mother, including his dimples! Aww!

Mamta Basu

Bipasha Basu is unquestionably beautiful. Mamta Basu, her stylish and gorgeous mother, handles herself with elegance and poise – much like her daughter. So it was no surprise when Mamta Basu walked the runway with her daughter Bipasha at a fashion event a few years back.

Saraswathy Balan’s

Vidya Balan attributes her beauty to her mother, Saraswathy Balan. In fact, she says she appears paler in front of her mother and that she is one of the most beautiful people she has ever known. Vidya’s mother, Saraswathy, is camera shy and hence rarely appears at public events.

Ayesha Shroff’s

Ayesha Shroff may have made headlines for her feud with ex-business partner Sahil Khan, but she was always at her son’s side. While Jackie Shroff, the actor’s father, was worried at the Heropanti trailer presentation, Ayesha burst into tears when she saw him on the big screen.

Zeenat Hussain’s

Even now, Aamir Khan is a dutiful son. Aamir Khan and his mother Zeenat Hussain embarked on a pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, in 2012. Despite his hectic work schedule, the actor made time for the fortnight-long holy journey to fulfil a commitment he made to his mother.

Ashima Sharma

Anushka Sharma is a true family girl, especially a mamma’s girl. The mother-daughter combo recently appeared on Farah Khan’s cookery show. While Anushka’s mother was preparing delicious meals, Anushka was doing her best to match up to her mother’s cooking. But we have to confess that we adored their on-screen chemistry.

Hema Malini is a popular Bollywood actress.

Hema Malini is still known as the “Dream Girl.” Despite the fact that her daughter Esha did not achieve the same degree of success in Bollywood, she is an incredible classical dancer. It’s a real joy to see the duo perform Bharatnatyam.


Though Babita quit performing in films following her marriage to Randhir Kapoor, she gave Bollywood two of its most beautiful leading ladies, Karisma Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan. Both of these ladies have carved out a name for themselves in the industry, with Kareena being one of the most sought-after actresses today.


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