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‘BLACKPINK’ shock fans after revealing what its like to work with Selena Gomez

After releasing their debut track, BLACKPINK’s Jennie, Rose, Lisa and Jisso sat down for a candid discussion and spilled the beans on their honest thoughts regarding Grammy award-winning star Selena Gomez.

Touching on their connection to the Grammy award winning singer the girls claimed, “She was such a sweet and humble person to work with, and, you know, she was so supportive of us from the first day we got on a call.” Jennie even added, “And on top of that, she nailed the videos even though we weren’t together.”

The main reason why virtual collaborations are a rather new thing for the BLACKPINK girls is because of the awkwardness of “meeting someone for the first time through a screen.””

However, even in spite of it all, Selena ended up being “really, really down to earth and so authentic that when we were talking to her it just clicked straight away.”

Apart from that, the girls are currently working on their highly publicized documentary BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky. Jennie believes this film will not only give fans endless amounts of entertainment but will also show a more “unfiltered, vulnerable selves.”

“It’s boring to always show them the polished versions of ourselves,” Rosé chimed in. “We do know they’re dying to know what goes on behind the scenes.”

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