Before the tragedy, Shylah Rodden was involved in three bizarre accidents.

Shylah Rodden experienced three strange accidents right before the tragedy.

According to a shocking turn of events, the victim of a terrifying rollercoaster accident was involved in three strange incidents prior to the catastrophe.

Last Sunday, Shylah Rodden allegedly tried to find a misplaced cell phone and was struck by a car.

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The 26-year-old was launched 30 feet into the air by Melbourne, Australia’s Rebel Coaster in front of horrified tourists.

She has multiple fractures and is receiving intensive care for a number of serious wounds.

It was revealed today that the unfortunate Australian had flipped her car after colliding with a truck in January 2021 and had been in a terrible car accident in February 2019.

Shylah experienced her fourth bizarre accident last Sunday at the Melbourne Royal Show when she was struck by the Rebel Coaster ride.

Alan Rodden, Shylah’s father, told the Daily Mail Australia that his daughter suffered injuries that would change her life.

Naturally, I’m unable to speak with my daughter. She will likely remain unconscious for some time, he predicted.

“The wounds are terrible. Horrific. She has a brain injury. Its pelvis, her arms, legs, back, and neck are all broken. Almost everything is broken. I just don’t understand how such extensive harm could have been caused.

Even the doctors have admitted that they haven’t seen anything this bad in a while.

The rollercoaster struck her at a speed of 43 mph, according to the police.

After a terrible accident in January of 2021, Shylah had to relearn how to walk.

Her car flipped after hitting a car and another vehicle.

She was not buckled in, and as a result, was thrown from the car into the road.

She also suffered another devastating blow when her beloved brother Jason passed away two months before her horrifying tragedy.

She noted that “Dad sat me down and told me that my brother had passed dead” a few weeks prior to her accident.

A few weeks before her accident, she wrote, “Dad sat me down and told me that my brother had passed away.”

He was more than just my big brother; he was also my best friend, my entire world, and the role model I aspired to be.

Her family has criticised the Melbourne Royal Show, calling it “shameful,” for reopening the ride two days after the incident.

And her distraught father suspected there might have been a “cover up” if his daughter had been the only one to blame for the disaster.

“There are a lot of stories going around, and I don’t know which one is true or if someone is covering their tracks,” he told the Daily Mail Australia.

“The safety and well-being of our visitors to the show continues to be our number one priority,” said show spokeswoman Katie Scanlan in a statement.

Regulations set forth by Victorian WorkSafe are followed strictly in terms of safety procedures.

“All rides on site have passed all required safety documentation and have undergone rigorous compliance inspections.”

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